Turnaround & Asset management at Attero

Attero processes waste flows sustainably at a number of locations in the Netherlands. The total amount of waste is approximately 3.4 million tons annually. Attero’s plant in Moerdijk for producing energy from waste has been running since 1997 and it was extended in 2008 to include a fourth incineration line. The system converts a million tons of household waste (and industrial waste of a similar composition) into energy every year.

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Project definition and goals

Attero wanted to carry out work at its Moerdijk site to improve turnaround (TA) management, coordination and the actual process. The aim was to reduce:

  • The number of unplanned stops
  • The throughput time of a TA
  • The costs of a TA

Project approach

During May and June 2014, PDM made an analysis based on three angles of approach, focusing on:

  • Asset management
  • Turnaround management
  • General management and organisation

The analysis was done using interviews, workshops and desk research. A ‘Hands on Tool Time’ measurement was also done for the TA activities being carried out on lines 3 and 4 at the time.

Project results

PDM drew up fifteen concrete recommendations, of which the following five were the core:

Asset management

  • Improve the quality of the scoping process
  • Improve the quality of the QA/QC process and the way it is organised

TA management

  • Improve the quality of the scheduling process
  • Improve the productivity (Hands on Tool Time)

Management and organisation

  • Intensify contract management and contractor management

The study generated a number of quick wins, including improvement of the scheduling, execution of the work, and the productivity. Two points requiring urgent attention were also highlighted: improvements in the work preparation process, and the possibilities for continuous improvement.

The key recommendations represent 90% of the overall potential for improvement. The underlying findings for each of the points for improvement have been recorded, along with recommendations, and linked to the operational objectives. The impact (in euros) was also quantified for each point.

Marcel Daemen
Director Waste to Energy Plants, Attero

PDM completed the analysis successfully, including a report with findings, conclusions, improvement potential (business case), 15 key recommendations and a high-level implementation plan. PDM has helped us significantly with the analysis and we will benefit from the recommendations made through their expertise and methodology in turnaround excellence.

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