GERELATEERDE PAGINA'S: implementation management
PDM has helped us significantly with the analysis and we will benefit from the recommendations made through their expertise and methodology in…
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Implementation of a KPI management system
A petrochemical company asked PDM, because of our experience and knowledge about best practices in the maintenance department, to implement a KPI (Key…
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BASF Antwerpen
Pay for performance was improved by 10%, and with the largest contractor cost savings of up to 8% were realised!
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Gunvor IBR
Challenging Turnaround in limited time and with limited resources.
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The KLM E&M PDM project still shows a continuous improvement. We are very pleased with the results.
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Sanofi Genzyme
PDM assisted in bringing back the turnover time by more than 50%, resulting in annualized savings of € 150.000.
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PDM Cargill
Cargill is very satisfied and recommends PDM to anybody who need to execute an analysis based upon the needs and the requirements of an organization.
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