Maintenance Excellence in a unique high-tech environment

IMEC VZW performs world-leading research in nano electronics. The Belgium institute leverages its scientific knowledge with the innovative power of its global partnershipsin ICT, healthcare and energy. IMEC VZW delivers industry-relevant technology solutions. Two thousand people work together in in a unique high-tech environment.

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Project definition and goals

In 2012 PDM completed a Maintenance Excellence analysis at the MAINT department. Following the results from the analysis IMEC VZW wanted to further professionalize their maintenance department. The research institute developed a vision to hire a maintenance manager, to create a functional maintenance system and to better anticipate more work due to changes in the infrastructure. In order to achieve this, a phased approach was developed with a focus on effective implementation and assurance on the shop floor. PDM was in charge of the execution of the first implementation phase.

Project approach

In PDM’s vision it is essential to implement the foundations and to make these functional in the first phase, such as the organization, management system and work order process, together with a change in behavior of the entire team. This requires a significant and intense attention. For the first phase the main objectives were:

  • As best possible transition to a new shift system (from 7x2 to 5x3)
  • An increase in efficiency and effectiveness in the maintenance organization
  • Efficient skills- and competency development approach within the maintenance team

The implementation plan included following topics:

  • A clear scope with objectives and critical success factors
  • A gap provision on AS IS - TO BE in relation to the scope
  • Clear rolls and responsibilities regarding involvement of IMEC MAINT and HR
  • The basic principles of the management system for implementation and a program (Planon) for KPI reporting

Project results

Together with management and responsible people of IMEC VZW, PDM achieved:

  • The introduction of a new software program.
  • A change of the working methods by all employees.
  • The agreement of a new shift system.
  • The identification of roles and responsibilities and the creation of function description.

Wim Mennes
Director Buildings & Facilities, IMEC VZW

Imec faced some serious challenges in 2014 in the maintenance areas. PDM was asked to support these changes to ensure that a number of important milestones were attainted. PDM has supported us professionally and took into account our necessity to be flexible in a demanding environment. The project objectives were met and a base has been created for our future way of working.

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