Design and project management at VDL

VDL Groep is an international industrial company focused on the development, production and sale of semi-finished products, buses & coaches and other finished products and the assembly of cars. It is a conglomerate of flexible, independent companies, each with its own specialty. The strength of VDL Groep lies in the mutual cooperation between the companies.

VDL Industrial Modules is an assembly and sheet metal fabrication company that was founded in 1923 as Nolte. It has been a part of VDL Group since 2004. The company operates as a contract developer and manufacturing company supplying technical devices, modules and systems to OEM's. VDL Industrial Modules supplies small to mid-range series to the markets: Semiconductor & Analytical, Healthcare, Food, Solar, Defense and Infra Technologies.

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Project description and goals

The objective of the project was to design an Electromechanical Framework.

Project approach

PDM designed the framework and also gave input for the project management for the design of the framework.

Project results

PDM participated in the following tasks:

  • Designing of the framework while communicating with the customers.
  • Incorporating the customers’ needs in the design.
  • Ensuring each component is manufactured first time right.
  • Installing the prototype at the customer’s site in continental Oceana.
  • Helping evaluate the outcome with the customer after the test period.
  • Listing the optimisation components and applying them into a redesign.
  • Ensuring the framework is ready for production on time.
Leo Janssen
Project Manager, VDL Industrial Modules BV

In spite of the tight time frame and budget and the high expectations of the customers all targets were achieved. The collaboration with PDM as a designer worked out successfully. Communication between VDL, PDM and the customers was key in this project. By using a strict planning and daily reporting, VDL has managed to build the framework to satisfaction of all parties.

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