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Lead Electromechanical Engineer

About the position

  • Defines and manages the project design plans and deliverables based on the development master plan from definition until release for volume in the factory and the field.
  • Organize for a proper project management structure and required resources to fulfill the plans both within Development & Engineering and in other sectors (Procurement, Industrial engineering, Manufacturing and Logistics) on people, materials and investments.
  • Indentify bottle necks and take actions to realize the project.
  • Provide regular feedback on status and progress of the project to the department and the program organization.
  • Contribute to and manages product related continuous improvement initiatives.


  • Academic level, Technical University.
  • 10+ years of work experience in complex technically driven and international organization(s)
  • Proven senior project management skills
  • Multiple years experience in electrical machine infrastructure realization.
  • Broad technical knowledge on electronics / cabling / mains / safety / diagnose / electronics cooling / integration / EMC.
  • Affinity with managing integral business processes in fast growing and dynamic business environmentals.
  • Highly motivated team player with excellent social, coordination and communication skills.
  • Leadership (give direction). Ability to provide technical direction, motivate and convince to a team of professional designers 
  • Pragmatic attitude.
  • Wide scope on system level and organization level (production and service)
  • Accuracy, systematic approach, analytical, problem solving.
  • Act under high pressure.
  • Technical discussion partner for supplier(s).
  • Flexible in working hours.
  • Fluent Dutch and English in speaking and writing.


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