Shankar Sadanandan


Electromechanical Engineer

Operator interface unit at ASM.

Roots: India
Study: Master Mechanical Engineering in Milan


Driving excellence PDM’s vision. What is your drive?

I want to make a difference. I like challenges, because they bring the best out of me. I want to show what I am capable of. For the client I want to bring knowledge and quality. Preferable, first time right. I’d like to become an expert in design and analysis.


Why PDM?

I really like our projects, like the design of Operator interface unit and rack design for ASML. It is interesting because it is not only mechanical but also other interdisciplinary aspects. Furthermore, the culture here is demanding and very direct. At first it was a shock for me, but I learned to appreciate it. I am sure The Netherlands has come this far because of this direct attitude. The way of working at PDM is dynamic and gives me the opportunity to meet and work with a lot of people, clients and suppliers. I appreciate the effectiveness of the way we communicate.


What words are key to you in our vision and mission?

Lasting results. Because we have to focus on the future.



I am proud of being out of my comfort zone. Living and working here in The Netherlands on one hand. But also the work I am doing right now, construction of racks. It’s new to me.


How do you increase the lead or accelerate innovation?

By bringing the best result for the client. We do this by working together closely here on Croy, helping each other and by constant communication. This makes us effective. For ASML we are a quick supplier of the knowledge they need and haven’t got time to find out theirselves. This saves a lot of time. I am interested in Hi-Tech, so I am fine here. I like the young team, the enthusiasm and the fact that everything is possible at PDM. There is a lot of positivity and an open culture, which enables me to accelerate.

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Cheyenne Dix, Community Development Manager

"PDM is een motiverende werkomgeving. Zeker voor starters."

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Richard Theunissen, Development Manager

"PDM-ers moeten voorop blijven lopen in het vak, dus daar investeren we fors in."

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Tim Plessers, Expert Consultant

"Wat wij doen heeft meer impact. Dat vind ik mooi!"

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Nick Nijs, Account Manager

"We willen significant bijdragen aan de innovatiekracht van onze opdrachtgevers."

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Maarten Creemers, Senior Project Manager

"Het klinkt misschien wat arrogant, maar wij zijn uniek in onze markt."

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Sabrina Wijnands, Community Developer

"Bij PDM krijg je de kans om je te ontwikkelen."

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Leon de Ruiter, Project Manager

"Kennis delen met onze jonge talenten en hen coachen om samen een topresultaat neer te zetten. Dat geeft mij energie!”

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Nick Zwinnen, Expert Consultant

"Bij PDM is veel mogelijk als je je kansen weet te grijpen."

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Rob van de Plas, Project Manager

"De korte lijntjes en persoonlijkere sfeer zijn duidelijk merkbaar."

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