06 apr 2018

Many of our clients are faced with new challenges: Cost reduction is often a theme, new innovations and technology are around the corner, life time extensions are an issue, .... But the added value of all these improvements/changes is often not what they expected because the foundation has not been laid.

The start is to make the maintenance work order process stable. Start with the basics!


  • To make an improvement possible that stands the test of time;
  • To allow the involved people to make time for projects and the implementation of improvement actions;
  • To create a calm and enjoyable environment to work in where costs are under control and 'fire fighting' is and exception rather than the standard;
  • To avoid misunderstandings and frustrations because of unclear processes and responsibilities;
  • To increase the productivity of the maintenance department and technical availibility of the installation.


  • Defined work order management process in place with clear roles and responsibilities;
  • Standard meetings and KPI's defined and used to steer and control the process.
Maintenance processes: stability is key!