Shutdown optimization for an improved Turnaround management

Tessenderlo Group is an international chemicals company with over 100 locations worldwide and more than 7,000 employees. The group is a world leader in most of its product areas with a consolidated revenue totaling 2.4 Billion Euro in 2010.

Tessenderlo Group asked PDM for their Shutdown optimization in the TCH Sulphuric Acid plant in Ham, Belgium.

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TCH requested PDM

  • to analyze the current Way of Working with regard to Turnarounds
  • to identify existing good practices in relation to structures and processes
  • suggest possible improvements in the organization
  • Management & Control, scoping/planning, Scheduling and SHEQ
  • and to define and implement an optimization project.

The results were to be used for further initiation of improvements in Turnaround management within Tessenderlo Group.

Project objectives TA 2011 – 2013

  • Operational and managerial support to TCH
  • TA optimization development based on an earlier Turnaround Management study by PDM and therefore based on increased maturity
  • Review and design TA Manual LVM with key staff
  • Implementing TA process from scoping until execution
  • Design process flowcharts including roles and responsibilities
  • Coaching TCH personal to implement the changes
  • Define and implement a Project Management System: meeting and reporting structure for scope control and quality
  • Defined TA organization structure; including matrix on production / maintenance organization including key roles and responsibilities
  • Continuous implementation STOP-flow model
  • Supporting Shutdown Manager • Process control TA Manual
  • Process optimization
  • Coaching team members

Deliverables and main results

  • Defined Shutdown processes including roles and responsibilities
  • Employees trained in new Shutdown processes. Including utilization in planning phase of TA Sulphuric Acid May 2011.
  • Implemented “stop-item” structure in order to optimize planning activities
  • Defined scope in early stage
  • Defined and implemented Shutdown Management systems
  • Strategic Shutdown schedule for the local sites
  • Standard Shutdown meeting and reporting structure for control scope, progress , cost and quality during planning and execution
  • Risk mitigation Shutdown 2011 regarding Scope, planning, SHE en reporting
  • Repeating works (ca. 70% Shutdown scope) are defined
  • A TA manual has been developed with best practices and lessons learned as a basis for future Turnarounds
Mr. Verjans
Site Manager, Tessenderlo Group

PDM has helped us significantly with the Turnaround optimization, and we benefitted through their expertise and methodology in Turnaround optimization processes. The practical approach of PDM resulted also in the buy in of the people on the floor which is essential for implementing optimizations.

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