Accelerate careers at Tata Steel

The Accelerated Career Development Programme (ACDP) for emerging talents is developed for creating the opportunity to develop personnel (technical and managerial) skills towards management levels. To set the example motivates others to follow. To translate that into practice PDM and Tata Steel have set up the ACDP programme.

Participants of the programme have 2 to 5 years of working experience and are considered to be talented enough for future positions in Tata Management.

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ACDP programme

The Accelerated Career Development Program consists of 2 main topics;
personnel leadership and project management. The ACDP programme offers:

  • Support in personal (leadership) development
  • Broadening and deepening knowledge through completing a project
  • Networking with equal minded people
  • Exposure within the organization

People, Results & Business

The programme is build towards theme’s like People, Results & Business and consists of 8 workshops, creating room for the participants to show their capabilities on issues like strategy, business excellence, think tank approach, finance and project assessments. They have to successfully finish an improvement project linked to the company strategy within one year and translate the project plan into concrete actions. They will motivate the outcome of the project for the management team of Tata Europe.

The ACDP programme consists in total of 7 steps. Because of the deep impact of the crisis the trainings budget had major cost cuttings. The business case of this programme delivered 10M€ annualized, this was the mean reason to continue with the programme.


The following Leitmotiv was used all through the programme:

  1. You do not have to be a manager to lead
  2. Leadership can be shown by anybody in any position!
  3. We expect you to lead!
Mr. Molkenboer
TQM manager, Tata Steel Europe

They go through a learning process. The application and repetition of a standard creates the effect of ‘Real Life Experience’. Once they finally involve their colleagues and the ‘boss’, they have landed; as if you buckle up.