Eliminating losses through continuous improvement process

Tata Steel Belgium Packaging Steels is part of Tata Steel, a globally active company with branches in 26 countries and commercial offices in more than 35 countries. Tata Steel is one of the biggest steel manufacturers in Europe. Tata Steel serves a wide range of markets, including the aerospace, automotive, construction, machine building, energy, packaging, and consumer product sectors.

The company ensures that its customers can be successful in their own markets and distinguishes itself through its unique market approach, in which the focus lies on developing collaborative partnerships. Tata Steel Belgium Packaging Steels is based in Duffel.

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Project definition and goals

Tata Steel Belgium Packaging Steels wanted to know whether there was sufficient scope and support within the organization to implement solutions aimed at eliminating losses in order to improve profitability. It was thought that a structural process of continuous improvement could play an important role here.

Project approach

In order to make targeted changes, Tata decided to ask PDM to conduct regular benchmark tests. Many companies believe that they are performing well and that no further changes are needed or even possible! As an external partner, PDM can make you see more clearly that there are always opportunities for making improvements and, above all, where these opportunities can be found. It is also a key advantage that the specific knowledge and support provided by PDM does not interfere with the day-to-day operational support.

Project results

In collaboration with PDM, a structure was developed for integrating the continuous improvement process into day-to-day activities. Existing production, technical, operational, and maintenance activities and meetings are now used to continuously define, plan, and implement new actions for improvement. This gets employees involved more quickly in the continuous improvement process. One of the results for Tata Steel Belgium Packaging Steels has been optimization of line availability and production speed.

Chris Western
General Manager, Tata Steel Belgium Packaging Steels

I can only see benefits in the systematic implementation of a continuous improvement process. Indeed, it is something that every company should do. It enables you to identify where your losses are and learn to deal with them more effectively. As an external party, PDM has always been most helpful in this respect.

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