A high-quality operating crew during Turnarounds needed!

An international petrochemical company which has its production located at Chemelot in Sittard, the Netherlands, produces raw materials for the production of different types of plastics. These plastics are made from hydrocarbons extracted from refined petroleum. The company is developing at a rapid pace and has met with several operational challenges as a result. Following a restructuring, the Operations environment has been turned into a ‘light’ version that is more streamlined.

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The challenge

There is now a need for a high-quality operating crew, especially during the Turnarounds. Quantitative and qualitative. The client was looking for a partner who understands the developments and challenges of Operations. A reliable and stable partner with knowledge of the industry and who can actively address their needs and requirements by, for example, deploying flexible teams to effectively and efficiently realise new product launches, volume growth, and expanding the capacity.

To tackle these challenges in a sustainable way, PDM created the customized Flexible Operator Management-concept for this client.

The approach

PDM provides flexible operators for the Turnarounds taking place in spring 2017. The team came in six months before the scheduled dates to get familiar with the installation. The planning for the Turnaround was formulated to the very finest details.


The client needed a high-quality and flexible team of operators. This approach provided the client not with a once-off quick-fix, but rather with a structural solution to a shortage of top-operators at the moment that the client needs it.

The client, Petrochemical industry

Because we created a ‘light’, more streamlined version of our Operations, we experienced a shortage of high-quality operators during our Turnarounds. PDM helped us find the solution to our problem.