Being on the forefront of turnaround achievement in the Middle East

Early 2008, PDM was asked to take ownership of the turn­ around core management team for a major LNG compression plant in the Middle East. The plant, consisting of several production trains in operation over 30 years, was built to produce Liquified Natural Gas for transport to customers around the world.

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Increase in revenue and profit of several million dollars

The TA (Turnaround) cycle is based on intervals of 3 years, covering 1 of the trains each year. Typical turnaround execution duration is over 30 days, with some 2.500 contractor employees on-site during execution.

PDM heads up the TA core management team and steers both TA preparation and execution together with a major local engineering contractor. The dedicated team was able to finalize the TA on-time for the current turnaround. It was recently completed and handed over to operations. Commissioning for production occurred 2 days ahead of schedule.
This meant an opportunity increase in revenue and profit of several million dollars.

PDM’s specialism in preparation and management

With regard to TA management in refining and petrochemical facilities, the contractor partner and PDM have successfully carried out a large number of TA projects. In these projects, the specialism of the contractor lies in the execution and PDM’s specialism lies in the preparation and management of the TA’s preparation and execution. PDM manages and operates the preparation and the execution of the TA complemented with operational work in planning and preparations. The contractor supplies team members for the execution of the bulk of the planning work. PDM strives to focus the work processes and even reorganizes to sharpen the focus creating a high level of efficiency and effectiveness.

During the first phase of this scope preparation TA project, the work was focused on scoping and preparation with regard to the following items:

  • preparation of work packages
  • preparation of MTO’s and BOQ’s
  • and preparation internal RFQ’s for the TA team’s purposes.

PDM’s approach in conjunction with the efforts of the TA execution contractor have resulted in a successful turnaround.

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