Develop and implement a flange integrity management system at the Chemelot site

OCI Nitrogen is the world’s largest producer of melamine, with manufacturing locations in the Netherlands and China (a total annual capacity of 200 kilotons). One of the facilities in the Netherlands, with a capacity of 120 kilotons per year, is the largest single line melamine plant in the world. OCI Melamine uses highly sophisticated, proprietary production processes, including a low-pressure gas-phase process (GPH) and a shortened liquid-phase process (SLP). Melamine is a vital raw material in wood adhesives, laminates, coatings and halogen free fire retardants.

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Project definition and goals

To develop and implement a flange integrity management system for the melamine plant at the Chemelot site. The main instruction for PDM was to merge a technological driven process with the human behavior factor. The objective was to complete the project within a record time of 3 months, in order to ensure implementation in the next turnaround (TA 705).

Project approach

Instead of applying a standard strategy, with standard methodologies, a purpose approach was taken, providing a tailor made project. For this PDM produced a:

  • FIM – Flange Integrity management manual
  • QRB – Quick Reference Book (for the shop floor)
  • Training system for the flange engineers
  • Rating methodology in the field

Project results

  • Implementation of the plan within 3 months
  • Improved attention for Flange management during the turnaround
  • No start-up delays due to work on flange
  • An anchored methodology, including tools and manuals for the future
Diederik van Heugten
Plant manager Melamine, OCI Nitrogen

We have seen that the Excellence Models, Best Practices and strategies PDM brought to the table work in practice and are easily accepted and adopted by all parties involved. The work performed was executed against tight deadlines without any loss of quality. The attention for Flange Integrity Management has paid off in our turnaround as we did not encounter any start-up delays due to work on flanges. This despite a backlog in critical flanges we had to overcome, but will no longer encounter in the next turnaround.

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