Maintenance Excellence Roadmap for Genzyme

Genzyme Sanofi is a leading biotechnology company. Employing more than 11,000 people around the world with presence in 40 countries, including 17 manufacturing facilities.

The manufacturing site at Geel is a state-of-the-art biology plant producing medicine for the treatment of Pompe disease and chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

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Project goals

The site required a change from a project driven environment to a process & product driven organization. The requested focus for PDM was primarily on development and implementation of a high quality maintenance organization giving optimal availability of technical equipment.

The creation of a maintenance excellence roadmap, giving direction to short and long term development was therefore prime focus.

The developed toolbox supported the measurement of the AS IS situation and the definition of the TO BE situation for gap analysis, in order to define the project roadmap and related project plans.

Project approach

The focus was primarily on the following themes:

  • Development of process maturity
  • Monitoring of process performance & PDCA project management
  • Results driven project management
  • Creating stability with main contractors
  • Safeguarding know-how
  • Development of price levels
  • Installing a service department to guide the improvement project

The deliverables

In the different areas of Maintenance and Turnaround planning a set of deliverables such as 50% reduction of lead-time through a clear planning of tasks and integration with production. Together with regular maintenance by operators, and an increased operational labor efficiency of 30% lead to clear roles & responsibilities for the future organization.

The implementation of Maintenance Engineering in the organization, application of asset criticality, and introduction of an RCM like approach has led to reduction in breakdowns.

The training of future maintenance engineers and the application of meeting structures & management systems will support the continuity of the programme.

Mr. Piet Houwen
Vice President and General Manager, Genzyme

PDM assisted in bringing back the turnover time of the production installations (through process optimization) by more than 50%, resulting in annualized savings of 150.000 Euro. And PDM improved the efficiency of the operational maintenance execution by approximately 22% resulting in annualised savings of several hundred thousands of Euro.