Maintenance and engineering activities to a higher level

Citrique Belge is one of the world’s leading producers of citric acid. Being one of the two major producers in Europe, the company offers an enormous range of citrates that play a vital part in the production of many foodstuffs and beverages. Citric acid is used, among other things, as a pH regulator and flavour enhancer in fruit juices, jams and sweets. Furthermore the substance is essential in the production of biologically degradable cleaning and anti-oxidisation agents. The company was founded in 1929. In 2010 it became part of Adcuram.


Project definition and goals

In order to meet operational excellence standards, Citrique Belge wants to bring maintenance and engineering activities to a higher level. Citrique Belge is a bio-chemical plant with a long history and many traditions. As a result, one of the main challenges was to effectuate the change from existing work methodologies in the Maintenance Department to a new one, developed according to the changing environment. The main challenge of the project consisted in realizing a behavior change from the management through the utilization of a newly designed management system and redesigned work processes.

Project approach

Citrique Belge developed a roadmap with 8 charters and an implementation plan. PDM was in charge to implement the plan and to realize the required goals.

Project results

  • In Utilities an increased manpower was realized to minimize risks and ensure an optimal reaction time in case of emergencies and the development of leak tag program started;
  • On Facilities the subcontractors process was developed which allowed a better control of hours /works purchased.
  • In Engineering projects are prioritized by their clients (production) and the budget became leading. Therefore a system of KPI’s was set up to follow the projects
  • In Mechanical and Electrical the development of a new planning system (long and short term planning) took place, the development of KPI reporting based upon efficiency and effectivity was created and the development of meetings to ensure proper communication between production and maintenance was realized.

Rüdiger Badke
CEO, Citrique Belge

Citrique Belge is enthusiastic about the results delivered to date through the Maintenance Excellence program and is determined to continue along the road of structural and continues improvements. I gladly recommend PDM based upon their professional expertise and operational efficiency.

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