Roll-out of the Asset Management Roadmap

BASF manufactures raw materials and semi-manufactured goods for a wide range of products. The company employs 110.000 people worldwide and has an annual turnover of € 74 Billion, EBIT 9%. In Belgium, BASF Antwerp is the largest chemical site and it is the second biggest production site of BASF worldwide.

BASF Antwerp produces building blocks for the chemical industry and starting materials for numerous processing industries.


A structured approach

PDM has supported the assessment process by:

1. Facilitating the workshops and meetings for the as is, to be and plan-situation.
2. Identifying the key points from the workshops and meetings.
3. Capturing theses points in the required formats/documents.

Project results

First we set up in close cooperation with BASF a specific asset management roadmap. Based on the asset management roadmap we delivered a plant specific report for 14 plants. This report gave a clear view on the as is-situation and priorities for the next 3 years. A manual on the followed methodology and a comparison between the plants, priorities and future recommended actions. Last we intensified contract management and contractor management.

Kristof Mahieu
LTV Asset management Coordination, BASF Antwerpen

PDM supported the roll-out of the AM Roadmap. The result was a collection of clear and transparent reports to support the plants with future development as well as a summary of all the facts and figures for overall governance use. I gladly recommend PDM based upon their professional support and their operational efficiency and flexibility.

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