Optimization of the technical management of the Schiphol power plant

A few years ago, at the request of the Dutch government, Schiphol voluntarily collaborated on an example project for energy saving. From an energy scan carried out at the time, it appeared that the airport company would have to be able to achieve energy savings of 26% over a period of 10 years. The scan also showed that the passenger terminal accounted for about 70% of the total energy need. So it was time to look at this terminal more closely.

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Peter van Rouendal
Manager, Terminal Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

One of the measures that we took as part of this project was to replace a heat/cold power plant with a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant that integrates the generation of heat and cold with generating electricity. A plant that can even be used for generating emergency power.


Amsterdam Airport Schiphol had outsourced the design, building and technical delivery of the new CHP plant to an external party in 2000, based on a results contract. At the end of 2002, Amsterdam airport Schiphol called in the assistance of PDM to realize the assigned functionality.


PDM started by making an inventory. Then we looked for a feasible, suitable, functional solution. When this phase was completed, PDM could start on translating all the solutions into tasks, which were laid down in a schedule. Based on this, the various tasks were carried out and tested functionally.


Thanks to this approach, we succeeded in achieving the functionalities in accordance with the programme of requirements.

Peter van Rouendal
Manager, Terminal Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Moreover, the yield was measurable and corresponded to what we had been asked for. It’s also worth noting that the technical availability of the plant quickly rose to more than 95% and that the full technical documentation was complete. It’s particularly thanks to this last point that work could be transferred more easily between the different disciplines. In short, it was an improvement in efficiency and effectiveness.

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