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Managers, consultants, top engineers. Smart. Well educated. Decisive. Ambitious people. Enterprising people. Team players who want to make a difference. People who can create leverage. And love challenging innovation projects. PDM is a favored product, design and industrialization partner for OEM and EMS workers in the manufacturing and high-tech industries. We are growing every day, which is why we have plenty of room for top talent. For you!

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Hubert Mesterom
Managing Director, PDM

Our big challenges are new functionalities and possibilities, and faster time to market. Our goal is to accelerate innovation. We're a partner in product design and industrialization.

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We provide our expertise for ‘top of the bill’ clients in the Netherlands and Belgium.
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Cheyenne Dix, Community Development Manager

‘PDM provides a motivational working environment, certainly for those starting out in their careers.’

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Richard Theunissen, Development Manager

‘People and talent are our greatest asset and this is what we invest in heavily.’

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Tim Plessers, Expert Consultant

‘What we do has greater impact. I think that's fantastic!’

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Nick Nijs, Account Manager

‘We want to make a significant contribution to the innovative power of our clients.’

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Maarten Creemers, Senior Project Manager

‘It may sound somewhat arrogant but we are unique in our market.’

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Sabrina Wijnands, Community Builder

‘At PDM you are given the opportunity to grow.’

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Rob van de Plas, Project Manager

"Short lines and open communication."

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