Cheyenne Dix


Recruitment Manager

Cheyenne started working for PDM as a work placement trainee during her studies and progressed to the position of Recruitment Manager.

Education: Bachelor of Laws from Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in Sittard.

Based in Eindhoven and Maastricht


How did you end up at PDM?

In 2009, I was looking for somewhere to do my graduate work placement and came across an advertisement on the internet. I went for an interview at PDM and was able to start as a trainee. The department I joined was still brand new and an HR system had just been implemented to which I was able to make an immediate contribution. I continued to work through the holidays and twice covered a colleague from the HR department during maternity leave, which gave me a taste of working as a contract officer. This also tied in nicely with my law degree course. In the end, I completed my work placement in the HR department./p>


Why did you choose PDM?

I really liked the family feeling at the company, and the many opportunities you are given to prove what you are worth by working on some very interesting assignments. All in all, this created a pleasant atmosphere in which I believed opportunities would automatically arise. And I was right. And PDM continues to feel like a small and friendly environment, even though the organization is now increasingly growing in size.


How does your job fit into your life?

I enjoy structuring processes as well as the entire organization behind them. In other words, the aspect of communication, with a particular focus on making arrangements. PDM is the perfect employer for me as it provides me with constant challenges. It feels just like a family. You can create your own opportunities and there are many of them! And it's not like you are constantly pulled in a certain direction; you do have to tell them what you want. But this works great as it means you only work with other enterprising people who are also very ambitious.


What progress have you made at PDM?

After a brief two-month pause, PDM asked me back for a sister company that was being set up in Antwerp. I worked on some fantastic assignments on corporate identity and the website, and also prepared contracts, checklists, and analyses. Once I returned from Antwerp, my main task at PDM was to assist the Support Manager and I was involved in structuring processes within PDM. When the person responsible for communication (particularly sales communication) left the job, I also took on this responsibility. This meant that I had to organize masterclasses, write articles, and look after the website. I really got to know PDM well during that time because I got to see all the projects, all the sales presentations, and also followed the masterclasses.

I received some great coaching during that time. I was allowed to shadow one of my colleagues and was given the chance to find out things for myself. If things went wrong, my colleague would pick me up and help me get right back on track. He let me make mistakes and gave me praise when things went well. It was very inspirational!

After this period, I was given the job of recruiter, which I combined with communication tasks. Eventually, though, the job of recruiter became much bigger, so I ended up doing it full-time. At one stage, I ended up being the most experienced recruiter in the team and therefore progressed to the role of recruitment manager after two years. I have been able to learn so many different aspects of the company.

At the moment, I just want to ensure that the recruitment process operates like a well-oiled machine. I'm beginning to see that I've been able to make quite a few changes over the past few months, but I'm not finished yet. I'm taking on more and more sales tasks and I have more contact with the clients. It's a really interesting job!


Do you have any tips for new colleagues or for people with your background?

PDM was and still is an organization that is continuously developing, with its own dynamics offering plenty of opportunities and challenges. They always listen to the ideas you contribute and, often, specific action is undertaken. This gives me great satisfaction, so on that point PDM creates a motivating work environment that I can certainly recommend to you if you are still at the start of your career. I also try and create this same climate for others. I enjoy giving others confidence and responsibility. Others appreciate this and it contributes to a positive atmosphere. If you have a positive attitude to life, life will be kind to you. I really do believe this!

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