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Everyone at PDM takes a unique career path with various stops along the way. This means plenty of opportunities! Discover the paths taken by some of our people below. Come and talk to us to discuss your own plans.

Cheyenne Dix, Community Development Manager

‘PDM provides a motivational working environment, certainly for those starting out in their careers.’

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Richard Theunissen, Development Manager

‘People and talent are our greatest asset and this is what we invest in heavily.’

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Tim Plessers, Expert Consultant

‘What we do has greater impact. I think that's fantastic!’

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Nick Nijs, Account Manager

‘We want to make a significant contribution to the innovative power of our clients.’

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Maarten Creemers, Senior Project Manager

‘It may sound somewhat arrogant but we are unique in our market.’

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Sabrina Wijnands, Community Builder

‘At PDM you are given the opportunity to grow.’

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Rob van de Plas, Project Manager

"Short lines and open communication."

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Want to progress from engineer to a role in account management? Or from general assistant to the job of recruitment manager? Anything is possible at PDM. PDM has a road map for everyone, based on your skills and ambitions. Read them all.

PDM employees tell their stories
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Sabrina Wijnands
Community Builder

‘At PDM you are given the opportunity to grow.’