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Good reasons to work at PDM

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Start working immediately

We have plenty of jobs available. If you're a young potential or an experienced professional with ambition, then don't waste time and contact us today. Even if you can't find your job in our list of vacancies, it's certainly worth having a chat to us.


Increase your lead

Increase your lead in your profession by working on your own development, on both technical and personal skills. We give you the tools and training you need through our development programme, but it's up to you to make the leap. You will need to have a certain amount of independence.


Strengthen your foundations

Together we help strengthen your foundations. You will gain experience with a variety of clients to develop a broad range of skills. Not only will this improve your professional knowledge and skills, but also your market value. Maintain continuity through flexibility in your career.


Increase your impact

As an experienced senior, you will continue to work on your personal development. Through continuous training and by acquiring experience with various top companies, your contribution will have more and more impact. In addition, you share your knowledge and experience with our young potentials and can take on the role of coach or trainer. You can make the difference!


Join the club

At PDM, you'll feel at home right away, and feel a sense of connection to the company and to your colleagues. Besides providing you with individual attention and coaching, we make sure there is plenty of opportunity for interaction with us and we organize events to enhance the team spirit among PDM's employees.


Open the doors to your dreams

PDM has some fantastic clients in Dutch and Belgian industry. PDM opens the doors to your dreams and makes it possible for you to work for the leading companies in your sector. And if you're not yet sure what your dream is, we'll help you discover it.

Technisch Young Potentials

Get off to a good start

Do you have a Bachelor's or Master's degree? Are you determined to fulfil your ambitions? As a Young Potential (0–2 years’ work experience), PDM will help you lay the foundation for your entire career. Through professional training and personal coaching, we'll help you find out what your talents are.

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Experienced Professionals

Make the difference

PDM gives you the freedom to further develop your talents. Challenging projects across the spectrum of your field of work will help you grow. By interacting with colleagues with a range of different profiles, you will expand your knowledge and experience and, in turn, the impact you make. You can really make a difference.

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Cheyenne Dix, Community Development Manager

‘PDM provides a motivational working environment, certainly for those starting out in their careers.’

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Richard Theunissen, Development Manager

‘People and talent are our greatest asset and this is what we invest in heavily.’

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Tim Plessers, Expert Consultant

‘What we do has greater impact. I think that's fantastic!’

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Nick Nijs, Account Manager

‘We want to make a significant contribution to the innovative power of our clients.’

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Maarten Creemers, Senior Project Manager

‘It may sound somewhat arrogant but we are unique in our market.’

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Sabrina Wijnands, Community Builder

‘At PDM you are given the opportunity to grow.’

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Rob van de Plas, Project Manager

"Short lines and open communication."

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