Accelerating innovative power

To keep on excelling in a world of rapid technological developments, you are always in search of innovation. Your challenge is to find new functionalities, seize opportunities, and achieve a faster time to market. Our aim is to accelerate and increase your innovative power. PDM is your partner for product design and industrialization in the development and production chain of OEM and EMS providers within the manufacturing industry.

Creating innovative power by taking care of your needs

Over the past decade, PDM and its powerful team of experts have built up a wealth of experience in industrialization. This involves translating the concept of a functionality into system requirements and design. PDM operates at the intersection between mechanical engineering and electrical engineering and bridges the gap between both disciplines. We make designs for our clients and provide advice and assistance. What makes our team unique are its extensive technological expertise and highly developed project management techniques. In addition, our people possess the creativity and skills needed to assist you in successfully accelerating your innovative power.

Making life easier

PDM’s service goes beyond the product design process alone. We think along with our clients, identifying potential risks as soon as possible, anticipating these risks, and formulating proactive suggestions for solutions. We also provide additional manpower where needed. Our project management team is here to serve you. This is how we make life easier.

Finding the right balance

In mechanical engineering, it's all about finding the right balance between functionality, cost price, and reliability. Whereas one client's innovative lead is driven by maximum reliability, another client's lead is motivated by the most economical cost price.

PDM examines the client's problem and requirements and also studies their specific market developments. In other words, we provide a tailored solution. And are happy to provide genuine added value to the industrialization process.

Our method

In all our projects, we take a hands-on approach to project management that is based on the V model for design processes in mechanical engineering.

Decomposition and Definition

In the decomposition and definition process, we focus our efforts on the phases concerning System Requirements, High-Level Design, and Detailed Design.

Integration and Recomposition

In the integration and recomposition process, we are active in the phases relating to Unit/Device Testing, Subsystem Verification and System Verification & Deployment.

1. System Requirements
2. High-Level Design
3. Detailed Design
1. Unit/Device Testing
2. Subsystem Verification
3. System Verification & Deployment

We incorporate extensive and critical reviews between all phases, and revert back to earlier phases where necessary. We adhere to this strict approach as discipline is just as important as creativity in achieving innovation.

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Short and long terms

Our solutions provide not only an answer for today. We also look ahead to the long term. We pay a great deal of attention in our design processes to the manufacturability and maintainability of your machines. Our engineers are constantly looking over the shoulders of our designers. This constant connection between the design and its application in practice and on location means our clients are not faced with any unexpected surprises, either now or in the future.

Who do we work for?

We work for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and their supply chain, and for Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS). We mainly focus on companies situated in the technology triangle between Eindhoven, Aachen, and Leuven. However, we also work for clients elsewhere in Europe or in the world.

How can we help you achieve innovative power?

Call us for an extensive introduction. We will be happy to tell you and show you what PDM can offer.

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A flexible team

Our professional team consists of around forty architects, designers, and project managers who, in turn, are supported by a small team of staff. Our employees can be deployed flexibly, either individually or in small or large teams depending on your assignment, challenge, and priority. And as our people are involved in a range of different projects, their knowledge and experience are continuously expanded and updated.

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