Bright Site Project Sibelco

Sibelco is a global material solutions company. Founded in 1872, they initially supplied silica sand to Belgium’s major glass producers. They utilise nature’s raw materials to provide solutions for society and support the cradle-to-cradle loop, ranging from drinking water sanitation to solar technology. Today, Sibelco is a multinational business operating in over 200 production sites in more than 40 countries with a team of over 10,000 people.


Bright Site Programme

To further optimize their operations worldwide, Sibelco has introduced the Bright Site Programme (BSP). Through this programme, they are training their operations teams in a new, lean way of working. It encourages local teams to generate ideas which are helping to improve overall efficiency. Those ideas have led to improvements in service for their customers, as well as savings in operating costs.

Support PDM

For the Bright Site Project at their Maastricht Site, Sibelco asked PDM to support them in optimizing their operations. The ambition was to save 7-8% in operation costs, focusing mainly on site productivity, energy, and maintenance. We gladly accepted the challenge!

Working towards LEAN

Two of our change experts supported the local team in reaching the project goals. They helped the team with:

  • Identifying improvement potential for each work stream
  • Identifying and implementing several quick wins
  • Implementing several tools to improve the way of working in daily operations
  • Capability training for the site management team in using LEAN management techniques

Because of their approach, our change experts and the local team were able to achieve an overall cost reduction of 7-8%. Those are great results!

Jan Jansen
European Operations Optimization Manager, Sibelco

We had a very pleasant and open collaboration with PDM during this project. We’ve been able to exchange knowledge and learned a lot from each other, which led to great results!

Creating an impact

During this project, we were able to provide Sibelco Maastricht with a custom made solution to help them achieve their goals. By combining our expertise with teamwork, we have been able to achieve great results. And that’s exactly how we were able to create an impact!

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