Improved turnaround of Langerlo power plant

Until 2017, Electrabel (nowadays Engie) operated the Langerlo power plant at Genk, Belgium, which was a coal-biomass fired power plant. The 2006 turnaround of this twin plant was characterized by significant reworks, budget overrun, and additional production loss.

After that turnaround, Electrabel asked PDM to perform a process review of the existing process for preparing and executing turnarounds within the Langerlo organization. This analysis indicated several areas for improvement, some of which were selected for immediate action.

A-Electrabel_Turnaround Langerlo-crop 1200-450.JPG

Assisting the 2008 turnaround

PDM delivered project assistance to implement the improvements and to launch a detailed work preparation system for all works of the 2008 turnaround.

The detailed work preparation, readiness reviews, and in-field spot checks resulted in a well-planned, well-executed turnaround. This turnaround, which had a much greater scope than the previous one, was completed within budget, on schedule, and without technical reworks.

Raf Verheyden
Manager Outage and Modification Department, Electrabel (nowadays Engie)

PDM has helped us enormously with the right team at the right time, and we benefited from their expertise in turnarounds

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