Campine moving towards project and maintenance excellence

Campine is an internationally respected partner for sustainable recycling of raw materials and one of the largest antimony trioxide producers in the world. The company has exported its products and expertise all over the world for decades.

Campine is a listed company, at the same time remaining a modest Kempen-based SME with a flat organizational structure. The workforce consists of some 200 employees; however, with growing interest in sustainable recycling of metals and chemicals and rising demand, the number of vacancies and employees is steadily increasing.

PDM was asked to manage a bunker re-installation project, which was executed in 2010-2011.

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Good results across the board

The project “Re-installation of bunkers 1, 2, 7, 8, 9” booked improvement results on the following aspects:

  • Project management
  • Planning
  • Cost control
  • Documentation
  • Transparency
  • Steering and controlling during execution.

Project approach

During the project, PDM introduced the project approach. During a brown paper session, the complete product flow and bottlenecks became transparent. During the kickoff meeting, the scope of the project became clear. This kickoff meeting was held between the project leader, safety, maintenance, and operations. After defining the project scope, a rough planning and budget estimation was made. The scoping phase and the kickoff with the various departments was new for Campine and resulted in a constructive atmosphere during the next steps. Tenders were made, contractors were chosen, and materials ordered (with attention to standardization and optimization of traditional concepts in order to avoid material loss/maintenance interventions).

The execution of the project was on time and within budget. PDM made a continuous contribution to safety during the complete project. Before startup, a plant tour was made as a final check. After the test run, the installation was handed over to production.

PDM proposed to work with an asset tree in Rimses, which is software for maintenance and field service. This project was the pilot case to put the documentation and information on structural basis in the CMMS system.

During the whole project, PDM showed – besides technical skills – excellent communication skills from shop floor to higher management so that everybody kept on track.

Afterwards, PDM executed a few additional projects, which helped Campine grow in their own way to project and maintenance excellence.

Hilde Goovaerts
Operations Manager Antimony, Campine

We would like to thank PDM for their professional approach in realizing our objectives.

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