Towards world class Asset Management at BASF

BASF produces the building blocks of the chemical industry and the starting materials for numerous processing industries. With 122.000 employees and HQ in Ludwigshafen, Germany, it generates a turnover € 63 billion worldwide.

Early 2011, BASF’s Petrochemical Division expressed its ambition to maintain its Asset Management process, due to global developments concerning efficiency, environment, and loss of knowledge. Therefore, the division needed to identify the improvement potential and execute forthcoming improvement programs. This was the objective for BASF’s project “Asset Management Development @ Petrochemicals Division”.

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Asset Management Assessment Toolkit

From March 2011 till January 2012, PDM has been BASF’s partner for the development of an Asset Management Assessment Toolkit. This toolkit includes a description of processes, methods, templates, and an IT toolbox to support the project.

Asset Management Framework

In order to establish world class level in Asset Management, PDM supported the division by creating an Asset Management Framework. This resulted in a validated set of questionnaires, reports, and templates on which the organization’s future processes will be designed. The delivered toolbox supports the measurement of the AS IS situation and the definition of the TO BE situation, leading to measures to close gaps, finally put into roadmaps and project plans.

Workshops and assessments

PDM delivered expertise and know-how, both in conducting workshops and in-depth Asset Management assessments. PDM empowered team members by training their skills and co-developing the toolkit. Throughout the co-operation, BASF was able to use our knowledge and experience in their division.

The result was excellent. The toolbox has been applied successfully and is accepted by all involved key players within the Asset Management organization of the Petrochemicals Division.

BASF has the ambition to improve its Asset Management continually. The company is confident that its division will be able to meet this challenge.

Dr. Heino Blankertz
Senior Vice President, BASF Global Technology Petrochemicals

We would like to thank PDM for their professional approach and commitment in finalizing this project within the given timing and budget.

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