PDM helps pace-setting leaders in the high-tech process and manufacturing industries to optimize their production environments and develop manufacturing technology for advanced engineering.

200 processing and manufacturing experts

In setting their ambitions, our clients know they can depend on our nearly 200 project managers, change managers, consultants, designers, maintenance and electromechanical engineers to help them. Men and women, from junior to senior, mostly with university bachelor’s and master’s degrees in technical and engineering fields. Everyone at PDM is expected to develop their knowledge, skills and capabilities on an ongoing basis, and we offer numerous opportunities to do so, including a unique development programme.

An independent family company

PDM was founded in 1971 as an independent specialist. And it still is. When Piet Mesterom set up PDM (Project Development Management), it initially concentrated on project management and reengineering. In the early 1990s, Piet’s sons, Hubert and Walter, took over the business and grew the company into an international, multi-country specialist with offices in the Netherlands (Maastricht, Rotterdam and Eindhoven), Germany (Düsseldorf) and Belgium (Antwerp). Today, PDM is led by Hubert Mesterom (Managing Director).

Great company to work for, and work with

Family business are different to most other companies. Typically, they emphasize continuity, flexibility and innovation. The mutual bond between employees and clients is strong, profit maximization is not the only goal, and optimal talent development lies at the heart of the business. All this is true of PDM, making us a great company to work for, and work with.

Hubert Mesterom
Managing Director, PDM

We focus on increasing your power to innovate and extending your lead over your industrial competitors.

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