Piet Mesterom

PDM originated in the Dutch company Project Development and Management, which was established in 1971. The founder, Piet Mesterom, was a specialist in re-engineering, improving and maintaining existing production plants. Clients were Dutch, Belgian and German companies located within 100 km of Maastricht.



At the beginning of the 1980s, the company now called PDM developed towards a multidisciplinary engineering organization. The company also started developing business activities in maintenance engineering, shutdown preparation and consulting services in the field of maintenance, planning and cost management.


Development and growth

In the early 1990s, the founder Piet Mesterom decided to transfer ownership of PDM. During a process of transformation we discontinued our engineering activities for the Process industry. Combined with business opportunities in new regions such as Rotterdam and Antwerp, PDM started focusing its strategic development on maintenance, reliability, turnarounds and operations.


Millennium change

During the years after the millennium change PDM developed the basis for its current capabilities on tailor made servicing of customers: deployment of experts, fixed scope/fixed fee projects, technical consulting services and change management implementation services.


One vision: Industrial Excellence

In 2009, we repositioned as a single company with one brand. Supported by one vision, Industrial Excellence. Our services were redesigned to offer a more integrated set of services and competencies to help customers excel in their industrial operations. Fighting the recession, we started a process of professionalization and cultural change. PDM developed towards a lean company, with a solid financial basis, higher quality standards, and improved focus on delivery of services towards it’s customers.


Increasing the lead and accelerating innovative power

Industrial Excellence is the main thread that runs through our story. We want to help our clients maintain or increase their lead. We want to strengthen their innovative power. We do this on the one hand by optimizing production environments and the production function and, on the other, by making a significant contribution to innovation in terms of industrialization in the manufacturing industry.

You'll find a straightforward explanation of the way we work under the headings ‘Increasing your lead’ and ‘Accelerating innovative power’. What it boils down to is that we want to work with you and a highly motivated team of over 200 professionals to make a significant contribution to industry.

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